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Your Special Education Retail& Support Service

Welcome to our lighthouse, a place where our goal is to guide & support you & your very special child!

We are people first centered and parent friendly!

At Lighthouse Learning & Resource we guide families in a variety of ways as we assist you in supporting your child, who may have any of the following unique & special needs.

ADHD, Asperger Syndrome, Autism, Bipolar,Blindness, Cerebral Palsy, Deafness, Deaf-Blindness, Developmental Delay,Down's Syndrome, Dyslexia, Executive Functioning Difficulties, Emotional Disturbance, Hearing Impaired, Intellectual Disability, Learning Disability, Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, Orthopedic Impairment, Other Health Impairment, Multiple Disabilities, Sensory Integration Needs, Social Skills Deficit, Speech & Language Deficit, Tourette Syndrome, Traumatic Brain Injury, Visual Impairments

Specialized Retail Products - products that support learning and facilitate appropriate behavior to maximize learning opportunities
Special Education Consulting & Advocacy - meet with LLR's knowledgeable staff to review your child's assessment and get guidance for your child's IEP planning through the ARD process
Child Centered Educational Opportunities - parent training in special education policy, procedure, & educational rights & responsibilities; social skills training using video modeling; Texas Reading Institute one-on-one reading tutoring ~ researched-based reading instruction

The Law of Navigation

"Anyone Can Steer the Ships, but It Takes a Leader to Chart the Course"